CS-23 Rate-controlled Shellside Multicomponent Condensation in Vacuum Conditions

M. Hawila and J. M. McNaught

HTRI investigated the accuracy of equilibrium multicomponent condensation models applied on the shell side of a bundle with 19.05-mm OD plain tubes. Tests were conducted in the Low Pressure Condensation Unit (LPCU) over a range of vacuum pressures (7 – 81 kPa) and fluid inlet flow rates [5 (10-3) – 7 (10-2) kg/s]. The data collected showed a rate-controlled phenomenon dominating the condensation process, which caused substantial underprediction using the equilibrium integral flash model applied in the HTRI Resistance Proration Method (RPM). Proposed modifications account for the rate-controlled process. enhancing the overall performance predictions of the RPM. This report reviews the current condensation models, describes the test section, and summarizes the collected data, method modifications, and performance.