CS-1 Shellside Condensation of Pure Components Outside Horizontal Plain Tube Bundles

K. Ishihara, J. W. Palen, and J. Taborek
1975; revised 1977

This report presents a new HTRI method for predicting local shellside condensation heat transfer coefficients of pure components. The essence of the method is the differentiation of the condensation process into a vapor shear-controlled regime and a gravity-controlled regime which is further separated into a laminar film region and a turbulent film region. This realistic modeling of condensation mechanisms provides greater confidence in extrapolation over a wide range of conditions and offers the possibility for design optimization of shellside condensers. This report introduces a new HTRI flow regime parameter in place of the vapor Reynolds number which had been used previously for determining the controlling flow regime. Also incorporated in this report is a new equation for the two-phase correction factor for shear-controlled convective heat transfer. The new factor is obtained from the results of the work on shellside two-phase pressure drop which was reported in HTRI Report TPF-2. Significant improvement is obtained over the previous method in the prediction of baffled shell-and-tube condenser data. A step-by-step calculation procedure and a calculated example are shown.