BG1-6 Nucleate Pool Boiling of Water-Hydrocarbon Mixtures

S. B. Yilmaz

New HTRI pool boiling data were obtained for water-hydrocarbon mixtures with water as the most volatile (lightest) component boiling under industrial operating conditions. The boiling heat transfer coefficient data were compared to the predictions by HTRI mixture boiling methods of (1) Reduced Pressure (RP)/Boiling Range (BR) and (2) Multiple Property (MP)/Mass Diffusion (MD) as described in Research Brief 3-4 and HTRI Report BG1-3; the predictions by both of these methods were unsatisfactory. New improved methods were developed for water-hydrocarbon miscible mixtures where water is the more volatile component. The new HTRI methods are backed by new HTRI data and published data by Sternling and Tichacek.