BG1-3 Advanced Prediction Methods for Pool Boiling of Hydrocarbon Mixtures

J. W. Palen and R. G. Sardesai

This report documents a continuation of the work on boiling hydrocarbon mixtures presented in HTRI Report BG1-1. New data have been obtained at Michigan State University, under HTRI sponsorship, for mixtures containing a very small amount of heavy or a very small amount of light component with large boiling ranges. These data rounded out the picture which began taking shape in the previous report and permitted completion of an accurate, theoretically based method for prediction of nucleate boiling heat transfer in hydrocarbon mixtures. The new method, based on original work by Schlünder, takes into account both composition and pressure effects far better than has been possible before. Since the new method requires good vapor-liquid equilibria and physical property data for each component in the mixture, an alternative method was also developed by improving the previous HTRI boiling range method to better account for composition and pressure effects.