BG1-1 Nucleate Pool Boiling of Hydrocarbon Mixtures

J. W. Palen and A. E. Kassem

This report documents data taken for HTRI at Michigan State University for pool boiling of pure hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon mixtures on a single copper tube. The basic knowledge gained should be valuable in development of an improved calculation model for shellside boiling reboilers. Boiling curves for C-3 to C-14 hydrocarbons with boiling ranges up to 88 °C (158 °F) were compared with HTRI correlations and new methods from recent literature. HTRI correlations were generally on the safe side and new, less conservative correlations were developed based on the new data. A very recent theoretical method for mixtures was found to be not adequate for design in present form, but to have good potential for future development.