Benefits of HTRI Membership

Take advantage of all the expertise, products, and services HTRI offers to its members.

September 15, 2016

Take advantage of all the expertise, products, and services HTRI offers to its members:

  • The world’s foremost heat exchanger design, rating, and simulation software
    Decades of studies led to the development of HTRI Xchanger Suite® software, which is considered the industry’s most advanced heat exchanger design software.
  • Hundreds of research reports
    HTRI manages its own research that translates directly into the world of engineering operations. Members can download hundreds of technical reports that represent analyses and solutions related to real-world challenges. In addition, HTRI members have access to our comprehensive Design Manual – a compilation of calculation methods, design recommendations, and practical tips.
  • Unlimited expert support
    Members enjoy unlimited free support from senior staff members with years of engineering experience. They collaborate with each other and our research staff to answer your inquiries and troubleshoot your issues. In addition, our researchers are available to answer follow-up questions.
  • Contract services provided by experienced engineers
    We can help you address diverse heat exchanger problems with a variety of products and techniques based on more than 55 years of research experience.
  • World-class training
    HTRI conducts regional and on-site training around the world to enable members to fully utilize our powerful design software and expand their industry knowledge. Members can take advantage of our library of workshops, short courses, seminars, and webinars, or request customized training.
  • Interactive annual meetings
    HTRI holds an annual Global Conference that provides an educational forum and the opportunity to catch up on our recent products and research results. Members can share ideas with staff specialists and network with peers and industry experts.

Note: Some benefits described above are based on the level of membership signed by your company.

As a leading provider of process heat transfer research and development, HTRI can help your company succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Contact us to learn more or to upgrade your membership.