Xfh Ultra® Future Plans

In Xfh Ultra, HTRI wanted to create a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use fired heater design tool. A key part of our development process has been to solicit feedback from you and others in industry through surveys, user interface testing, and in-person conversations at events.

Your feedback on Version 1.0 has given us several good ideas of how we can add to or further improve the current features to make Xfh Ultra more useful to you. Version 1.1 of Xfh Ultra, released today, includes several of the improvements you have asked for, and we are working on others for the next major release, including

  • multiple dissimilar fireboxes – Different fireboxes with different radiant coil layouts sharing a common convection section and stack.
  • transfer lines/crossovers – Specifying unheated tubing and fittings outside the heater.
  • steam injection – Integrating steam injection, an essential aspect of vacuum heaters.


Do you have more features you want to see?

If there is a feature that you want to see, something that you think we should prioritize for the next version, or if you have any other feedback or want to be a beta tester in the future, email us at betatesters@htri.net. We respond to every piece of feedback we receive. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll do everything you suggest, those who have sent us suggestions in the past have had a great impact on the direction and priorities in development. Thank you for your help in making Xfh Ultra a better program.