Xfh® Ultra 2.0 is now available

HTRI announces the release of Xfh Ultra 2.0. Licensed users can now download this latest version from the Download page.

Xfh Ultra, HTRI’s general-purpose fired heater modeling software, provides improved calculations for refinery operations. Users can easily explore operating scenarios to increase capacity and performance, helping to minimize energy loss and shutdown time.

New capabilities in Xfh Ultra 2.0 include

  • multiple dissimilar fireboxes and flue gas mixers
    Handles multiple dissimilar fireboxes in a single simulation that share a common convection section (e.g., inter-stage heating in catalytic reformers). In addition, the introduction of a flue gas mixer unit operation allows for more complex flue gas arrangements such as multiple fired heaters sharing a common stack, supplementary heating, and air ingress.
  • interactive fired heater flowsheet
    Provides a new, flow-sheet style, interactive fired heater diagram for defining more complex fired heater configurations.
  • firebox and radiant coil diagrams
    Includes 3D diagrams of the firebox and associated radiant coils, along with the ability to zoom and rotate.
  • arbor coils
    A specific arbor (also known as U tube, wicket, or basket) coil type is now available to users.
  • convection section improvements
    Provides a more comprehensive definition of convection bank geometries, including the presence and size of corbels and duct dimensions.
  • external piping and connections
    Includes unheated process lines, which can have a significant impact on the pressure drop, in the overall fired heater simulation. These can be connections between heater sections or external piping to adjacent unit operations.
  • steam injection
    Specifies the inclusion of any number of steam injection points into the tubeside process fluid, which is an important consideration in vacuum heaters.
  • liquid fuels with steam atomization
    Defines atomization steam as part of a liquid fuel definition.
  • flow regime parameters
    Reports parameters to determine position in HTRI and Baker flow regime maps at each solution point.

For a more detailed description of these changes, view the About Version 2.0 in the Additional Documents section of the Xfh Ultra download page.