HTRI advances functionality in Xfh® Ultra 1.1

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HTRI announces the release of Xfh Ultra 1.1, its general-purpose fired heater modeling tool. In response to feedback from industry experts and users, this release extends calculations and import/export capabilities while improving the overall user experience. New capabilities include

  • Multiple fuel calculations
    This function allows users to analyze the effects of firing their heater with a mixture of fuels. The flow of each fuel component may be directly specified or calculated from the required duty or firing rate. Users may select the blending of fuel components based on flow rate or on percentage firing rate; they can also choose to specify a combination of fixed and make-up components.
  • Rigorous heat loss calculations
    Calculation of heat transfer through the refractory and insulation layers of the firebox wall allows for a more accurate prediction of heat loss, insulation, and casing temperatures.
  • Improved output reports and printing
    Users can print and export full details of their simulation case to various formats (including .pdf and .docx files).
  • Detailed outputs and graphs
    Up to 50 variables can be viewed at each solution point (in tabular or graphical form). Users can set up customized groups containing variables of interest.
  • Extended properties imports panel
    Users are able to import properties from the KBC Petro-SIM™ process simulator.

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Xfh Ultra 1.1 report output
Output report showing rigorous heat loss results