Why Update Your Software?

Read how potential advantages could save users considerable time and money.

Michael Garrett, Senior Software Support Specialist
November 1, 2016

HTRI software is widely used all over the world. Based on years of research results, these software tools are designed so that engineers in member companies derive daily operating benefit from them. HTRI Xchanger Suite® and its components are based on HTRI’s extensive research and data collection procedures. New software versions accommodate our latest calculation methods and make use of updated proprietary heat transfer and pressure drop correlations. Upgrading to the latest version enables the most rigorous specifications of the exchanger geometry and accurate exchanger performance predictions.

When a user sends us a Tech Support inquiry, we record the version number they are using – if they provide it. For inquiries received this quarter, 75% of users were operating with the latest software version, which we defined as Xchanger Suite 7.2 or higher.

While this number is respectable, it also indicates that a number of our software users are not upgrading as often as they should. Improved speed and calculation accuracy, as well as the more intuitive user interface inherent in most updates could save users considerable time – and save the company money. Users who consider the potential advantages may want to opt for the latest version.

The beta for Xchanger Suite 7.3 is now available for all licensed users to download via the HTRI webpage. This beta is for testing only and should not be used in production; we will send an announcement when the final version of 7.3 is available.

Update: Xchanger Suite 7.3 is now available. HTRI members can download it here.

This quarter, 75% of users are operating with the latest software.