Sneak Preview: HTRI’s SmartPM™ - Thermo-hydraulic Shell-and-tube Network Simulation Software for Management of Refinery Fouling

Posted Date:
December 14, 2016
Facilitated by:
Simon Pugh

HTRI’s recently acquired SmartPM™ software complements the HTRI fouling research program, and takes the understanding and management of crude oil fouling to the next level. SmartPM can be used by a wide range of engineers including:

  • Process engineers evaluating current plant performance
  • Planners allocating maintenance budgets for most cost-effective future cleaning schedules
  • Environmental engineers seeking emission reductions
  • Design engineers predicting long-term performance of revamps and new designs
  • Researchers evaluating fouling data from experimental rigs

SmartPM uses dynamic fouling models and HTRI proprietary methods to relate time-dependent, local rates of fouling to local surface temperatures and shear stresses within individual shells. Fouling models can be used in data reconciliation and simulation; connecting past and future fouling behavior enables operating cost reduction through improvements in efficiency and environmental performance.

The addition of SmartPM expands HTRI’s portfolio of products and services designed to predict, analyze, and mitigate crude oil fouling, one of the costliest problems facing the refining industry today.

This webinar introduces SmartPM, provides an overview of the software, and demonstrates through case studies many of these powerful capabilities.