Research Update: Flow Boiling Heat Transfer across Plain Tube Bundles

Posted Date:
May 22, 2013
Facilitated by:
LiDong Huang

This webinar will discuss flow boiling data across ideal plain tube bundles collected in the HTRI Multipurpose Boiling Unit and compiled from the literature. Our current method has four heat transfer mechanisms: nucleate boiling, convective boiling, thin liquid film conduction, and natural convection. It is complex with many correlation parameters and cannot predict the data well. Based on the data, we propose a simpler and more accurate crossflow boiling method with only two boiling mechanisms: nucleate and convective boiling. We improve our convective boiling method by combining all three convective terms in our current method: convective boiling, natural convection, and thin liquid film conduction. We also discuss the transition from wet- to dry-wall mist flow.