Research Update: Design and Construction of the Rotating Fouling Unit

Posted Date:
March 27, 2013
Facilitated by:
Matt Lane

HTRI currently runs fouling experiments on the High Temperature Fouling Unit (HTFU) which recirculates a 27 liter sample of crude for periods up to one month. As we plan to expand our crude oil fouling test program, we are investigating alternate test methods to screen crude oil fouling with smaller sample volumes and shorter test durations. We are currently constructing the Rotating Fouling Unit (RFU) which will heat a 2.8 liter crude oil sample and impart a shear stress with a rotating cylinder. This webinar will focus on the design of the RFU and our plan to facilitate data collection comparable to that obtained by the HTFU. As we have designed the RFU, we have analyzed shear stress and heat transfer coefficient along the heated surface using CFD and a literature search of Taylor-Couette Flow. These results, along with a construction update, project timeline, and future uses will be discussed in this webinar.