Improved Estimate Accuracy with
Exchanger Optimizer™ 2.1

Robert Browning, Senior Project Engineer, Software Development

HTRI is dedicated to making Exchanger Optimizer the most rigorous and accurate exchanger costing software available. We have added new capabilities to Version 2.1, now available for download.

Exchanger Optimizer helps engineers solve different types of costing problems with its ease of use and robust, flexible features. These economic evaluations can compare many different designs to help identify the best one for the equipment use, provide budget estimates to accurately assess the costs for exchanger fabrication, and generate automated quotation documents specifically for manufacturers.

Enhancements for Exchanger Optimizer v. 2.1:

  • 2017 pricing update
    • Material prices updated for 2017
    • Labor rates updated for 2017
    • Accuracy improvements for labor unit rates (welding, drilling, bundle assembly, etc.)
  • Improved shell-and-tube features and options
    • Ring or hub body flanges
    • B16.5 or Appendix 2 body flanges
    • Conical type heads for single-pass BEM heat exchangers
    • Distribution belt types
    • ASME floating head/backing ring calculations
    • Nozzle reinforcement and reinforcing pad calculations
  • Customizable bill of materials
    • Additional fields to override calculated dimensions, costs, and other properties for flanges, cylinders, elliptical head, transverse baffles, long baffles, floating head flange/cover/backing ring, expansion joint, bolting, gaskets, etc.
    • Enhanced capability for user-defined parts
  • New quotation document
    • Template editor for creating custom quotation documents
    • Export of quotation documents to Microsoft® Word or PDF


The bill of materials allows for user customization, such as overriding manufacturer price estimates with new supplier quotes, specifying dimensions, or modifying mechanical design calculations.


The user can now create, modify, and preview a quotation document and import information from existing Word documents into the fields.