TE-1 Survey and Evaluation of Techniques to Augment Convective Heat Transfer

A. E. Bergles, A. R. Blumenkrantz, W. J. Marner, and J. Taborek
1972; revised 1978

This report presents a survey and evaluation of the numerous techniques which enhance convective heat transfer. Surface promoters, displaced promoters, vortex flow, vibraion of the heated surface or the fluid near the surface, electrostatic fields and fluid additives are the major techniques considered and their effectiveness is investigated for single-phase, boiling and condensation heat transfer under free and forced convection.

A number of practical performance evaluation criteria are developed. They are expected to provide guidance in the selection of suitable augmentation techniques for single-phase flow adapted to optimization objectives and system constraints.

Finally, a design oriented compilation and evaluation of representative tubeside data covereing a wide variety of surface configurations under single-phase conditions is presented as an easily accessible reference source. Appendix B contains a guide to the available literature sources as of December 1977.