SmartPM 4.0 now available

HTRI announces the release of SmartPM 4.0. Licensed users can now download this latest version at the SmartPM 4.0 Download page.

SmartPM uses plant monitoring data and HTRI’s detailed proprietary heat exchanger calculation methods to evaluate past performance and predict future refinery throughput, energy consumption, emissions, and optimum heat exchanger maintenance schedules.

Significant changes in SmartPM 4.0 include the following:

  • Addition of HELIXCHANGER® technology, under license from Lummus Technology LLC and available to approved users
  • Improved data export feature
  • Spreadsheet import and export of exchanger geometry data
  • Inference of missing cold or hot stream flow rates from available data
  • Option to allow negative fouling resistances in data reconciliation
  • Improved display of heat duty for shells-in-series
  • User entry of stream inlet gauge pressure in prediction mode
  • Flow rate optimization including fouled tubeside pressure drop
  • Display of normalized exchanger duty and normalized total network duty
  • Separate minimum resistance after cleaning for NFIT calculation
  • Display of crude viscosity at desalter inlet

Contact if you require assistance downloading or installing the software.