S-ST-1-8 Improved Heat Transfer Correlations for Liquids in Laminar Flow Inside of Tubes

J. W. Palen, A. L. Yarden, W. J. Marner, and J. Taborek

New data for a very viscous fluid with extreme bulk-to-wall viscosity ratios have permitted development of a new more general correlation for intube heat transfer to fluids in laminar flow. The range of applicability was extended to Prandtl numbers of over 100,000 and bulk-to-wall viscosity ratios from 0.001 to over 200. The previous HTRI laminar heat transfer correlation was found to be too conservative for Prandtl numbers greater than 10,000. A new correlation for combined natural and forced laminar convection in vertical tubes, based on theoretical solutions from the literature, has also been developed as a special case of the general correlation.