S-ST-1-1 Heat Transfer Correlations for Intube Turbulent Flow of Liquids and Gases

A. Ganguli
1964; revised 1981

A critical review has been made of available data on heat transfer to fluids in turbulent flow inside tubes. Selected data points have been reanalyzed and stored in a data bank. different correlations were tested against this data bank, and two equations have been recommended. A modified version of the Petukhov-Popov equation, developed in the present study by HTRI, is currently recommended for general use. The previously recommended HTRI equation in Dittus-Boelter form was also changed slightly to provide more accuracy in predicting the present, more comprehensive data set. This equation is adequate for most design cases. However, the Petukhov, Popov type equation has a more theoretically based form and can be extended to extreme ranges with more confidence than the previous equation. The empirical ESDU equation, which is now sometimes recommended in other literature, was found to give inferior results.