S-SS-3-6 Improvements to the Stream Analysis Method for Prediction of Shellside Heat Transfer (Emphasis on Laminar Flow)

A. Salehpour, R. S. Kistler, and J. W. Palen

Shellside heat transfer and pressure drop tests have been performed on several exchanger geometries which have added some unique data to the HTRI data bank. The previous geometries tested have been described in HTRI Data Book 1, Supplement 1 and Supplement 2. The new bundles described in this report include (1) a finned tube bundle with 30 fins/in. tubes, (2) a plain tube bundle with 45 percent baffle cut, and (3) a plain tube bundle with 90° tube layout angle. Special attention has been given to the low Reynolds number range where extrapolation of the existing method was expected to produce poor results.