S-SS-3-4 Performance of Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers with Double-Segmental Baffles (Comparison with Segmental Baffles and No Baffles)

J. W. Palen and J. Taborek

Shellside heat transfer and pressure drop tests were performed on five exchanger geometries with double-segmental baffles and one exchanger with no baffles.

Results were compared directly with the performance of previously tested segmentally baffled exchangers. Another direct comparison showed that removing double-segmental baffles (5) completely from an exchanger still permitted production of 65 percent of the heat transfer rate but decreased pressure drop by an order of magnitude.

The data were used to develop a generalized correlation for shellside heat transfer as a function of shellside pressure drop and to update all HTRI shellside design methods for double-segmental baffles.

Changes in the Stream Analysis Method included a new model for longitudinal flow in the baffle windows, a less conservative viscosity ratio correction for heat transfer and an increased heat transfer penalty due to the small baffle overlap in units with large shell diameters.

A selection of representative data are included in the Appendix.