S-SS-3-30 Predictions of Single-phase Flow in TEMA F-shell Heat Exchanger: CFD vs. Xist

S. Haq

This report compares computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and Xist predictions of single-phase performance in a TEMA F-shell heat exchanger with a sealed longitudinal baffle. In the initial comparison, CFD underpredicted both duty (16% less) and pressure drop (over 50% less). We then represented an F shell in Xist using two E-shell heat exchangers, and the Xist pressure drop predictions were closer to those of the CFD simulations. With regard to stream analysis, Xist predicts a larger B-stream flow fraction while CFD predicts a higher A-stream fraction. In addition, CFD predicts higher leakage flow rates across the longitudinal baffles and lower corrected mean temperature differences than Xist. This report discusses longitudinal baffle seals and describes the parameters of the test heat exchanger. Results of this study provide the basis of an experimental study to identify needed revisions to the Xist F-shell model.