S-SS-3-22 Stream Analysis in a Single-Segmentally Baffled Exchanger: CFD vs. Xist

S. A. Bouhairie

HTRI conducted computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to investigate leakage and bypass stream behavior under various flow regimes in an industrial-scale heat exchanger with single-segmental baffles. To cover a wide range of Reynolds numbers, the simulations tested single-phase water and Alta-Vis oil. Both concentric and eccentric configurations of the exchanger’s tube-to-baffle and baffle-to-shell clearances were studied. The results provide detailed information on pressure drop, temperature, duty, and flow fraction streams. This CFD study suggests that Xist overpredicts the E-stream flow fraction at low Reynolds numbers, despite correctly calculating overall heat transfer. The obvious inconsistency indicates that improved leakage correlations for the Stream Analysis Method are necessary and must be confirmed with additional research.