RR-3 Maldistribution Effects Due to Axial Tubeside Nozzles

A. Salehpour

The effects of maldistribution due to axial tubeside nozzles in shell-and-tube heat exchangers are investigated. In this analysis, it is assumed that the shellside flow is fully mixed and tubeside flow is maldistributed. It is observed that the smaller inlet channel depths or greater velocities result in more maldistribution. The effects of maldistribution on heat transfer coefficient and rate of heat transfer are studied. If the tubeside heat transfer coefficient is controlling, the adverse effect of maldistribution on the tubeside heat transfer coefficient is small. The effect of maldistribution on rate of heat transfer is also small and it becomes more significant as the number of transfer units decreases. The study covers a wide range of Number of Transfer Units, which are typical in process shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Generally, tubeside maldistribution is found not to be a major problem in shell-and-tube heat exchangers.