RB5-4 Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Data of Stud Fin Tubes

A. Ganguli

Isothermal pressure drop and heat transfer measurements were carried out with a stud finned tube bundle in the HTRI Wind Tunnel. The stud fin tubes were made of 4-in. (102-mm) nominal diameter steel pipes, with 1.07-in. (27.1-mm) high cylindrical steel studs. The bundle consisted of four tuberows, arranged on an equilateral layout with 8-in. (203-mm) pitch. In the absence of HTRI predictive methods, the manufacturer's recommendations were tested against the data. The pressure drop data were found to be severely underpredicted by about 50 percent, while the heat transfer data were very well predicted within about 10 percent by the manufacturer's suggested correlations. Test results are also reported as f-factor and j-factor correlations.