PHE-11 Spiral Plate Heat Exchangers: Single-Phase Methods

C. A. Bennett

Data collected by HTRI (6.50 < Re < 74000, 3.80 < Pr < 2260) from a spiral plate heat exchanger (SPHE) were used to evaluate available heat transfer and pressure drop methods. These methods were specific to spiral (Type I) single-phase flow. Propagated total uncertainties (i.e., random plus systematic) were ± 10 percent for heat transfer coefficients and ± 12 percent for pressure drop.

To calculate heat transfer coefficients for any Reynolds number, we recommend using the HTRI method for turbulent flow in constant crosssection conduits. To refine the heat transfer evaluation by separating the data with Minton’s critical Reynolds (Recrit) criterion, we recommend the Minton heat transfer method above Recrit and the HTRI method below Recrit. To determine pressure drop, we recommend using Minton’s equations.