HTRI is dedicated to making Exchanger Optimizer the most rigorous and accurate exchanger design and costing software available. We have added new capabilities in Version 6.0—now available for licensed users to download.

Estimation methods for twisted-tape inserts

Assess costs based on the material and characteristics of the twisted-tape tube inserts. In previous versions of Exchanger Optimizer, users were required to input the $/ft cost for twisted-tape tube inserts.

Shop, plant, and material costs for 2022

Choose from updated information (shop rates, plant rates, and material database). There have been significant cost increases to fabricate and install heat exchangers. The shop rates, plants rates, and material database have been adjusted to account for the changes in market conditions.

New UHX tubesheet calculation sheets

View calculation steps per UHX-13.5.1 under the new code calculations tab. If the design includes an expansion joint, the software will also calculate expansion joint displacement per UHX-16 and UHX-17.

Estimation methods for heat exchanger piping

  • Select whether parallel train piping is independent or manifolded
  • Designate heat exchanger service
    • The program will assume independent lines are required for reboiler services.
    • The parallel trains are manifolded together for generic shell-and-tube heat exchangers.
  • Specify piping for air-cooled and shell-and-tube heat exchangers with added options
    • Bend count
    • Requirement of manifold, along with diameter
    • Liquid outlet and interconnecting lines

Detailed output report for installation cost

Display detailed hierarchical breakdown of installation costs, including total weight, total material cost, total labor hours, and total labor cost. Piping installation shows the length and weight of all pipes and fittings, as well as a manifold cost breakdown if a manifold is required.

64- and 32-bit compatibility

Switch between 64- and 32-bit modes (depending on the application environment). If Exchanger Optimizer is run on a 32-bit operating system or used by a 32-bit program (e.g., Xchanger Suite® 8 or Microsoft® Excel® Visual Basics for Application), it will run as 32-bit. If it is run on a 64-bit operating system or used by a 64-bit program (e.g. Xchanger Suite 9 64-bit), it will use a 64-bit mode. This eliminates the need to have different versions of Exchanger Optimizer.

Fabrication schedule features

  • Customize the fabrication schedule generated by Exchanger Optimizer
    • Start time and duration for each task on the schedule
    • Labor burn rate (i.e., the rate at which the estimated fabrication labor hours are used each day)
    • Delivery times for components (tubes, shell, flanges, etc.)
  • Export task list to XLS/XLSX format

Module for air-cooled heat exchanger shop modeling

Customize how the bill of materials and fabrication activities are generated. This new module is designed for air-cooled heat exchanger (ACHE) fabricators to precisely model their unique fabrication process. A license for this module is required to access the shop modeling features.


Other notable improvements

Modifications to the finished weight calculation for cylinders and heads—by accounting for the weight of the nozzle cutouts—were made. We also added

  • input for untubed lane area as defined by UHX-11 (when linked to an Xchanger Suite file, Exchanger Optimizer will calculate the area based on the passlane locations defined in Xchanger Suite)
  • a field for the outer tube limit from Xchanger Suite tube layout
  • a field for the maximum calculated outer tube limit by Exchanger Optimizer
  • input for specifying the outer tube limit used in UHX tubesheet calculations
  • input for parallel and perpendicular passlanes
  • tube insert thickness and width mapping from Xchanger Suite
  • bill of material item for helical baffle licensing fee
  • additional weights to fabrication and comparison reports (dry, hydrotest, and bundle)
  • reported weight factors and the ability to round weights up to the nearest 100 lb/kg (see Program Defaults > Weight Factors)
  • a Code Materials report and the ability to edit the code materials
  • options for exporting or printing reports (File > Print or Export)

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