Learn about I2 Vapor Infusion at GST North America 2017 in Manhattan, New York

Michael Radicone, President, I2 Air Fluid Innovation, will present “Reducing shipboard heat exchanger fouling with I2 Vapor Infusion at the Green Ship Technology (GST) North America 2017 Conference on Thursday, November 16, at 9:40 AM EST.

I2 Vapor Infusion is a patented, ecofriendly technology with the potential to substantially reduce biofouling within heat exchangers.

Proven to reduce biofouling within marine heat exchange systems, I2 Vapor Infusion uses nontoxic, low-dose iodine vapor bubbles to retard the formation of micro and macro fouling within plate-and-frame or shell-and-tube exchangers. The I2 process has been successfully tested in aquaculture production, shipboard heat exchangers, and an undersea testing facility. The I2 system functions with minimal staff effort and is easily integrated into cleaning processes. Applications being considered are waste water treatment and drinking water purification.

HTRI is a provider of I2 Vapor Infusion technology for heat exchanger and cooling tower applications.