2022 Horizons Symposium

Baltimore, Maryland, USA • April 21 – 22, 2022

Resource Recovery from Wastewater
John poppe

John Poppe
Reclaimed Water Resource Manager
Kitsap Public Utility District

Mr. Poppe began his wastewater career as a janitor in 1978 at a municipal wastewater facility. He enjoyed the challenge and received an AA Degree in Wastewater Technology, then attended Portland State University and was awarded a BS in Biology.

His water/wastewater career experience has included operator in training, operator, shift supervisor, operations manager, Assistant Plant Manager, Plant Manager, Division Manager. His employers have been Cities, Utility Districts, Contract Operations Corporations and an Engineering Company purchased by Jacobs Engineering.

He is currently employed by Kitsap Public Utility District in the Seattle area of Washington State and is assigned the title of Reclaimed Water Resource Manager for which he is responsible for the operation and performance of an MBR facility that is used for aquifer recharge.

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Wastewater is considered a reservoir of opportunity to save money and is classified as either residential, commercial, or industrial. With each classification, we have the ability to harvest a resource and recover minerals, fertilizer, and energy. This session will summarize and illustrate practical resource recovery methods for each classification, as well as future opportunities (regulatory mandates) using today’s technology such as biological and mechanical solutions.

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