2022 Horizons Symposium

Baltimore, Maryland, USA • April 21 – 22, 2022

Keynote: Mathematically Rigorous Optimization of Heat Exchangers and the Future of Heat Pumps
Reinhard radermacher, phd

Reinhard Radermacher
Minta Martin Professor and Director of CEEE
University of Maryland

Reinhard Radermacher holds a PhD in physics and conducts research in heat transfer and working fluids for energy conversion systems — in particular heat pumps, air-conditioners, refrigeration systems, and integrated cooling heating and power systems. His work resulted in more than 530 publications, numerous invention records and 14 patents. He has co-authored three books. His research includes the development of software for the design and optimization of heat pumps and air-conditioners, which is now in use at more than 80 companies worldwide. He has raised $40 million in research funding from government and industrial sponsors over the years.

Dr. Radermacher is Minta Martin professor of Mechanical Engineering and director and co-founder of the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering. He was awarded the Institute of Refrigeration J&E Hall Gold Medal and the IIR Gustav Lorentzen Medal for his innovation in the field of refrigeration.

He is co-operating agent of International Energy Agency’s (IEA) HPT Annex 53 project. He is Fellow ASHRAE and holds memberships in ASME, SAE, DKV and IIR. He is lifetime member of IJR and ASHRAE, and is CEO of Optimized Thermal Systems.

For 17 years was the editor of the ASHRAE journal, Science and Technology for the Built Environment and currently is leading the strategic planning committee for ASHRAE Research.

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The air-conditioning and refrigeration industries have the potential for tremendous technological progress driven by emerging technologies and the systematic application of mathematically rigorous optimization. An overview about emerging technologies is provided. Furthermore, heat exchangers are selected as example of how mathematically rigorous optimization leads to creative new designs that reduce volume and weight and can even lead to shape conforming heat exchangers.

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