2022 Horizons Symposium

Baltimore, Maryland, USA • April 21 – 22, 2022

Gas Turbine Operation Improvement with Multi-Function Catalyst
Dan johnson, pe

Dan Johnson, P.E.
Director of Business Development, Gas

Dan is the Director of Business Development for CORMETECH, Inc; where he focuses on the Natural Gas market and assisting customers with implementing successful SCR technologies. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of North Carolina. Prior to concentrating on catalyst applications Dan led various projects to design, construct and commission SCR systems with over 4 years of specific SCR experience. In addition, Dan worked in both the Power Transmission and Power Generation sector, including time with AECOM, before transitioning to the environmental field.

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There have been recent catalyst technology advancements where NOx, CO and VOC emissions can be reduced with a single layer of catalyst. Not only has this allowed for plants to meet more aggressive emissions requirements in the same footprint, but it has also provided more options for addressing emissions induced plant operational limitations.

With US power generation capacity shifting towards renewables, the typical operation of gas turbines has also shifted. Previously base-loaded or peaking plants are being asked to operate on a Duck Curve, providing makeup capacity in the mornings and afternoons when solar generation is weak. The result is frequent shutdowns, steep ramp rates and long periods of operation at minimum load; all of which may have not been considered when designing the plant emissions equipment with respect to the site’s permit.

Multi-Pollutant Catalyst has been designed to eliminate emissions limited start-up and shutdowns; as well as reduce plant minimum load where emissions have previously been a factor. CORMETECH will present actual field data from before / after installations and explore case studies where Multi-Pollutant Catalyst has provided unique solutions for unique plant issues.

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