F-EX-1-12 Literature Review on Biofouling Occurrence in Seawater Cooling Systems as well as Conventional and Innovative Mitigation Techniques

F. Schl├╝ter, W. Augustin, and S. Scholl (Institute for Chemical and Thermal Process Engineering, Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig)

Due to environmental restrictions, traditional chlorination practices are being supplanted by a variety of innovation alternative technologies. A literature review of techniques to mitigate and control biofouling in seawater cooling systems was conducted. This report describes how seawater biofouling propensity is affected by tube material, surface temperature, flow velocity, bulk temperature, and oxygen content. A discussion of a variety of chemical and physical treatments to control biofouling is included. The results of this review are being used to plan future HTRI sponsored water fouling research.