F-26 Evaluation of Methods to Predict Hydrocarbon and Crude Oil Viscosities from Low Temperature Measurements

A. M. Meza and A. D. Smith

Obtaining viscosity measurements at elevated temperatures and pressures is challenging. HTRI evaluated several viscosity correlations to determine the best model for hydrocarbons. We also examined a viscosity-density correlation using limited density data. From the initial evaluation, the Walther model proved to be the most promising for extrapolation, predicting viscosity within ±30% when extrapolated to 232 °C. For further analysis, HTRI used the Walther method to predict the heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop of crude oil in the HTRI High Temperature Fouling Units (HTFUs). The extrapolated viscosity from the Walther model provided more accurate predictions of the heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop than the assay-based prediction method previously used.