ESG-7 Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop on Air-Cooler Tubes with Plain and Expanded Slit Fins. A Proprietary Test for E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.

T. Aoki, A. Yarden, and J. Taborek
1972; revised 1978

Heat transfer and pressure drop data were measured for two similar ideal staggered tube banks, each made from a different type of finned tube. Both types of tubes had 2-in. OD carbon steel base tubes, 1-in. high aluminum fins and 9 fins/in. One type had plain surface fins while the other had crescent-shaped slits about 1/2-in. long cut in the fins. The tests were conducted in the HTRI wind tunnel. Both of these tube banks produced nearly identical results for both heat transfer and pressure drop.