Ensure Full Support through Your HTRI Web Account

You can log in to download software, access research publications and company news, and also to receive our highest level of support. View our revamped Support website to see what we offer, including:

  • Software Installation Support: Written guides and a webinar help users through the software installation and licensing process. In addition, we help members with troubleshooting their software installation.
  • Technical Support: Members submit an online Technical Support Inquiry to benefit from quality support from senior staff members. Our support staff often refers to our latest research findings to broaden their evaluation of your problem.
  • FAQs: These documents answer common questions about downloading and using our software, and offer users a fast and convenient way to troubleshoot general issues on their own.
  • TechTips: Technical Support provides documentation regarding solutions and workarounds to common technical dilemmas users face using Xchanger Suite® modules. Users can learn how to configure common models, determine calculations, specify design pieces, and manage specific features of Xchanger Suite®. For more in-depth workarounds, users can see the webinar tech tips where some additional background and example cases are provided. Webinars are displayed in the Upcoming Events list on the website.
  • Known Issues: These describe previously identified defects in the current software and potential workarounds.

Together with the FAQs, TechTips, and other documentation provided on the website, Known Issues address any deficiencies or gaps in our software, and help users accomplish the tasks they need to perform.

Speed Up Support – Manage Your User Profile

Members can log in to their user profile to manage email subscriptions, including our monthly newsletter. Be sure your company information is up-to-date in your user profile to avoid any delay of our responses from a support inquiry. Remember, personal and company affiliation verification is required every time you contact Technical Support.

Note: Access to web materials is based on the level of membership signed by your company.

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  • Go to the HTRI home page
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  • Select Create an account and follow the instructions to fill out the online form.