EHT, a user-friendly, menu-driven program, provides engineers with an exciting new tool to aid in the selection and design of enhanced heat exchangers. It is offered exclusively by Heat Transfer Research, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of heat transfer and software products.

This program can handle single-phase intube and shellside flows, intube and shellside condensation, shellside evaporation, and both horizontal and vertical intube boiling using a wide variety of enhanced tube geometries and insert types. It allows you to select standard enhancement dimensions or interactively specify your own. Since 1991, engineers have used EHT to simulate commercial enhancements, design and optimize enhanced heat exchangers, perform quick feasibility assessments and verify designs submitted by vendors. Additionally, EHT can help rerate existing refrigeration exchangers utilizing new refrigerants.

EHT Features

  • Calculation of pressure drop and heat transfer for enhanced surfaces
  • Quick evaluation of enhancements
  • Design and optimization of enhanced heat exchangers
  • Use alone or in conjunction with HTRI software
  • Comprehensive online help and technical support

Process Applications

  • Single-phase
    • Intube
    • Shellside
  • Boiling (pure fluids and mixtures)
    • Intube (horizontal and vertical)
    • Shellside (cross flow, flooded evaporators)
  • Condensation (pure fluids)
    • Intube (horizontal)
    • Shellside (cross flow)


  • Plain tubes
  • Low-finned tubes
  • Microfin tubes
  • Internally ribbed and finned tubes
  • Corrugated tubes
  • Helically-coiled plain tubes
  • Special geometry boiling tubes
  • Tube inserts
    • Twisted tapes
    • Wire mesh
    • Helically-coiled wires
    • Aluminum star
  • Porous metallic coatings  

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Pentium or compatible processor
  • 256 MB RAM (1024 MB for Windows Vista)
  • 20 MB of hard disk space
  • SVGA (800 x 600 resolution) graphics adapter
  • Windows XP or later