CT-9 Data and Analysis of Heat Transfer Performance of Pure Component Condensation in a Vertical Tube

Z. H. Yang and J. W. Palen

This report presents new data and analyzes heat transfer performance for downflow condensation of pure vapors with and without subcooling in a vertical tube. More than 350 pure component data runs were conducted from March 1992 through May 1994 using steam, p-xylene, propylene glycol, and isopropanol as test fluids in the HTRI Vertical Intube Condensation Unit (VICU). The test conditions varied from shear-controlled to gravity-controlled flow and from laminar to turbulent liquid film flow; operating pressures ranged from 0.5 psia (3.45 kPa) to 170 psia (1172 kPa). Existing HTRI methods were tested against new data and improved as necessary. The improved methods predicted heat transfer coefficients to within ± 25 percent accuracy of measured values for all regions covered.