CT-3 Condensation of Multicomponent Vapors and Mixtures with Noncondensing Gases Inside Horizontal Tubes: Resistance Proration Methods

R. G. Sardesai

HTRI data for partial and mixture condensation inside horizontal tubes are used to test the resistance proration method from literature (Silver-Bell-Ward) and the empirically corrected resistance proration method in use predating this report. It is found that these methods may overpredict or underpredict the vapor-phase heat transfer coefficients under certain conditions. These conditions are identified. A modified resistance proration method is developed by introducing a theoretical correction for mass transfer effects in multicomponent condensation. The theoretically corrected resistance proration method, which includes an analytically obtained correction factor qs, is found to improve the predictions considerably. This new factor takes the place of the familiar Ackermann correction, which is erroneous for this type of application, as described. An HTRI resistance proration method is recommend which includes the theoretical correction factor qs and an empirical correction for the effect of flow regimes.