CT-28 Assessment of HTFS Tubeside Condensation Methods as Integrated within HTRI Xchanger Suite

Z. H. Yang
2012; rev 03/2015

After implementing HTFS tubeside condensation methods in a development version of HTRI Xchanger Suite®, we compared HTFS and HTRI methods using HTRI and open literature data because the originating data underlying the HTFS methods were not available. We recognize that our assessment of the HTFS tubeside condensation methods within Xchanger Suite does not reflect the prediction accuracy and precision of the same methods within their native program. However, using the available data, we determined that HTFS methods predict vertical flow data well on average but produce significantly more scatter than do HTRI methods, particularly for pure components. For horizontal flow, the HTFS methods tend to underpredict heat transfer and pressure drop. HTRI methods predict heat transfer and pressure drop data more accurately for both vertical and horizontal tubes using pure components and mixtures.