CT-25 Condensation Heat Transfer in Micro-finned Tubes: Review of Literature Methods

V. Sathyamurthi

HTRI reviewed open literature methods and the method in EHT (Enhanced Heat Transfer) software developed to predict the rates of condensation heat transfer in micro-finned tubes. To assess the performance of these methods using standard statistical quantifiers, we compiled an experimental database consisting of measurements from four independent laboratories. The data set consists of condensation data for single-component (R-22, R-125, R-134a), multi-component azeotropic (R-502, R-507), multicomponent near-azeotropic (R-410A, R-410B), and zeotropic (R-407C) refrigerants. The data set encompasses different helical micro-finned tube geometries and one axially micro-finned tube. Available correlations inconsistently predict heat transfer rates in micro-finned tubes. Additional data are needed to corroborate the most accurate correlations.