CT-19 Vertical Intube Upflow Condensation in Shear-Controlled Flow

Z. H. Yang

Xist® currently uses downflow methods to calculate heat transfer coefficients and pressure drop for tubeside condensation in shear-controlled upflow (Cgt < 0.3). To evaluate the accuracy of such methods for the design and rating of tubeside upflow condensers, we recently collected experimental data from the Multipurpose Condensation Unit (MCU) for condensation in vertical tube upflow in the shear-controlled flow regime. Our experimental data indicate that the existing methods underpredict heat transfer coefficients by about 10 - 20 percent and pressure drop by about 60 percent. Using these data, we have developed methods that improve the prediction of heat transfer and pressure drop. This report documents the experimental data and evaluation of the existing methods, describes the correlations for determining heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop, and presents our conclusions and recommendations for tubeside condensation in shear-controlled upflow.