CS-12 Shellside Crossflow Condensation for Pure Components with Noncondensable Gas

Z. H. Yang

Widely used in horizontal shellside condensers, annular low-finned tubes provide about three times as much outside surface area as plain tubes. HTRI recently conducted experimental and analytical studies on shellside condensation in cross flow, collecting experimental data from one plain tube bundle and three low-finned tube bundles (with 748 fins/m, 1102 fins/m, and 1417 fins/m) on the Multipurpose Condensation Unit (MCU). Comparing the heat transfer performances of these tubes revealed that the finned tubes enhance condensation heat transfer rates by 1.3 to 2.2 times depending on process conditions. We also evaluated and improved HTRI’s Resistance Proration Method (RPM) and the Rose-Briggs Method for shellside crossflow condensation using low-finned tubes. This report highlights the advantages of using finned tubes in horizontal shellside condensers and summarizes experimental data and method improvements.