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Xace Workshop

Course Fee: US$450

Do you design air-cooled heat exchangers? Evaluate their performance? Then this workshop is for you. Learn how to use Xace effectively to rate and design air-cooled heat exchangers, economizers, and air preheaters. All example problems and practice exercises relate to geometries handled only by Xace.

Key Topics

  • Overview of Xace capabilities and applications
  • Geometry inputs for air coolers and economizers
  • Process specifications for rating, simulation, and design
  • Guidelines for specifying fluid properties
  • Introduction to HTRI analysis methods

Suggested Participants

Designers of air-cooled heat exchangers and process engineers who evaluate their performance

Course credits: 6 hours (PDH/CEU)



  1. Introduction to Air-cooler Basics
    • Geometry
    • Configurations

  2. Xace Input
    • Input specifications
    • Design tips and common design approaches

  3. Performance and Fluid Property Data
    • Measures of performance
    • Process specification rules
    • Methods to specify fluid properties in Xace

  4. Tubeside Methods
    • Single-phase
    • Condensing

  5. Airside Methods
    • Extended surfaces model
    • Auxiliary pressure losses
    • Natural draft
    • Maldistribution