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Reboilers Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

Learn the fundamentals of boiling mechanisms and how they apply to reboiler designs. This course provides an overview of selected reboiler configurations with an emphasis on recirculating thermosiphon reboilers and kettles. We will develop accurate thermosiphon and kettle models using Xist, identify design guidelines based on current research, and discuss reboiler piping specifications in Xist

Key Topics

  • Pool boiling mechanisms including nucleate boiling and film boiling
  • Intube flow boiling mechanisms for horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Boiling mixtures
  • Two-phase pressure drop

Suggested Participants

Engineers who design and evaluate reboilers


  1. Reboiler Selection
    • Types of reboilers
    • Operating characteristics
    • Heat transfer methods

  2. Thermosiphon Models
    • Xist thermosiphon methods
    • Specification of fluid properties and heat release
    • Piping specification
    • Thermosiphon operating concerns

  3. Kettle Reboilers
    • Xist kettle methods
    • Evaluating results