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Heat Exchanger Troubleshooting Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

Design decisions can have a costly impact on heat exchanger operation. Learn by reviewing several real cases in which unit designs had critical commercial consequences for operators/ owners. In some cases, the units did not work in service; in others, the designs were revamped before the units began operation.

Each case study is introduced as a problem; participants work individually or in groups to determine the cause and develop solutions. Prior to each case, the instructor reviews related HTRI methods.

Key Topics may include:

  • Steam generator with tube failure
  • Intercooler with vibration concern
  • Condenser-subcooler with design flaws
  • Recuperator with performance shortfall
  • Economizer with convergence issues
  • Brine chiller with insufficient duty
  • Flooded condenser with inadequate subcooling
  • Air-cooled condenser with noncondensables
  • Once-through reboiler with instability
  • Vapor-liquid separation
  • Fouling with tube failure
  • Gas cooler with inadequate performance

Suggested Participants

Engineers—from novice to expert—who want to ensure that design problems are identified before operation


  1. Case 1: Steam generator with tube failure

  2. Case 2: Intercooler with vibration concern

  3. Case 3: Condenser-subcooler with design flaws

  4. Case 4: Recuperator with performance shortfall