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Enhanced Heat Transfer in Xist Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

If you have cases that are heat transfer or pressure drop limited, this is the course for you. Learn how to use Xist to enhance the performance of shell-and-tube exchangers. Case studies of suitable applications for enhanced geometry and features in Xist will be discussed.

Key Topics

  • Tube inserts
  • ID enhanced tubes
  • OD enhanced tubes
  • Alternative baffles

Suggested Participants

Engineers responsible for specifying or improving shell-and-tube exchanger performance


  1. Considerations for Thermal Optimization
    • Conditions where optimization can benefit
    • Limitations of segmental baffles
      • Bypass flows
      • Window regions
    • Shellside flow distribution
    • Segmental baffle guidelines

  2. Tube Inserts
    • Tube insert applications
    • Augmentation mechanisms
    • Tube insert devices
    • Twisted tape

  3. Externally Enhanced Tubes
    • Extended surfaces and benefits
    • External enhancement options in Xist
    • Potential future technologies

  4. Internally Enhanced Tubes
    • Internal enhancement options in Xist
    • Double enhancement options in Xist

  5. Alternative Baffles
    • Alternative baffle types
    • Performance of various baffles
    • Workaround to model disc-and-doughnut baffles