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Condensers Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

Learn the fundamentals of condensation mechanisms and how they apply to condenser designs! Apply guidelines to develop Xchanger Suite cases for accurate assessment of performance. This course provides a foundation for understanding the basis for thermal design of typical industrial heat exchangers.

Key Topics

  • Film condensation in vertical surfaces
  • Condensation in horizontal tube bundles
  • Interfacial vapor shear effects on condensation heat transfer
  • Condensation inside horizontal tubes
  • Desuperheating and subcooling
  • Condensation with mixtures
  • Condensation with enhanced heat transfer surfaces
  • Two-phase pressure drop
  • Venting inerts
  • Drainage

Suggested Participants

Engineers who design and evaluate condenser equipment


  1. Condensation and Condenser Characteristics
    • Condensation heat transfer
    • Typical tubular condensers

  2. HTRI Condensing Methods
    • Flow regimes and flow regime map
    • Bulk condensation, desuperheating, and subcooling
    • Resistance proration method (RPM)
    • Condensation with inserts
    • Two-phase pressure drop

  3. Design Considerations
    • Baffles
    • Enhancements
    • Operational issues
    • Mechanical concerns
    • Design checklist

  4. Reflux Condensers
    • Reflux characteristics
    • Design considerations