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Vibration Analysis Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

A must for anyone who evaluates the vibration potential of shell-and-tube heat exchangers! In this course, you learn about vibration mechanisms in shell-and-tube heat exchangers and Xist methods to analyze vibration severity. Most importantly, you discover corrective measures to mitigate damage.

Key Topics

  • Introduction to vibration phenomena
  • Flow-induced vibration (fluidelastic instability, vortex shedding, turbulent buffeting, acoustic vibration)
  • Design options to mitigate vibration
  • Field fixes
  • Xist Vibration Report
  • Example application and case studies

Suggested Participants

Design and plant engineers responsible for the mechanical condition of shell-and-tube heat exchangers


  1. Tube Vibration
    • Introduction to vibration
    • Fluidelastic instability
    • Vortex shedding
    • Exchanger designs free of vibration problems

  2. Xist Vibration Report
    • Analyze tube spans
    • Interpret results
    • Xist criteria for “flags”

  3. Acoustic Vibration
    • Fundamentals of acoustic vibration
    • HTRI methods
    • Corrective action

  4. Introduction to Xvib
    • Reasons to use Xvib
    • Calculation methods
    • Creation of an Xvib case from Xist