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Special Topics in Xace Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

Improve your understanding of the methods in Xace and develop new skills to model difficult cases. This short course focuses on improving thermal predictions, interpreting results, troubleshooting cases and applying workarounds. Even the most experienced thermal designers will gain new insight into how to improve thermal analyses using Xace.

Case studies may include:

  • Rating natural draft (fans-off) cases
  • Improving accuracy of predicted driver power
  • Modeling units with redundancy fans (3x50% fans)
  • Multiple service units
  • Inert blanketing in air-cooled condensers

Suggested Participants

Experienced Xace users who rate, design and troubleshoot air-cooled heat exchangers

Course credits: 6 hours (PDH/CEU)


  1. Modeling Redundancy Fans in Xace
    • Why are redundancy fans used
    • Specification procedure
    • Interpreting outputs 

  2. Xace Fan Driver Power
    • Importance of driver power estimate
    • Auxiliary pressure losses in air-coolers
    • Fan manufacturers' screening tools

  3. Rating Natural Draft Cases in Xace
    • Air flow rate calculation
    • Xace natural draft air-cooler method
    • Specification procedure

  4. Multiple Service Air-Coolers
    • Common applications
    • Specification procedure
    • HTRI design guidelines

Currently Scheduled

Upcoming Instructors

  • Matthew Berger

  • Senior Project Engineer, Engineering Services, graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA. While a co-op student at Gibbons Creek power plant, Berger performed performance reviews of pumps, pulverizers, and feedwater heaters. Following graduation, he progressed to project engineer and engineering manager roles for FTS International, leading engineering projects on various topics such as pulsation control, equipment redesign, software implementation, and vibration analysis. Since joining HTRI, his primary focus has been on proprietary contracts and the Edgeview software, as well as involvement in Technical Support and Training.

  • Peter Joosten

  • Senior Consulting Engineer & Regional Sales Manager, Australia/Oceania, works with HTRI’s Engineering Services and Global Sales teams. His principal responsibilities include developing and conducting training programs, providing technical support, and promoting membership in the HTRI consortium. He earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Fontys University of Applied Science, Venlo, The Netherlands. Prior to joining HTRI, Joosten was a Senior Heat Transfer Engineer at W. E. Smith Engineering, Coffs Harbour, Australia. His primary role was the thermal design and analysis of all types of shell-and-tube exchangers, air coolers, economizers, feedwater heaters, and steam surface condensers. He was also responsible for the mechanical design and stress analysis of these units, as well as for analyzing and resolving operational issues. His previous experience with HTRI software gives him a valuable end-user perspective.