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Xfh Ultra Workshop

Course Fee: US$450

This workshop is an introduction to modeling the performance of process fired heaters using Xfh Ultra. Starting with a brief review of fundamental concepts, attendees will then use an API 560 Specification Sheet of a proposed fired heater design to develop a complete fired heater model in Xfh Ultra and rate the heater’s performance.

Key Topics

  • Process fired heater fundamentals
  • Xfh Ultra capabilities and applications
  • Heuristic approach to model development in Xfh Ultra
  • Fluid definitions, process specification, and geometry inputs
  • Practical guidelines for interpreting Xfh Ultra output reports and measures of performance

Suggested Participants

Engineers with or without prior knowledge of fired heater design, who rate the performance of process fired heaters


  1. Fired Heater Characteristics and Terminology
    • Definition
    • Applicable industry standards
    • Classification
    • Decription of components

  2. Rate a Fired Heater using Xfh Ultra  
    • Evaluate fired heater design 
    • Navigate user interface
    • Interpret results