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Reboiler Troubleshooting Short Course

Course Fee: US$650

Reboilers are arguably the most troublesome auxiliary components in a distillation system. Reboiler failure or underperformance can lead to column malfunction and/or shutdown with severe economic consequences. In many cases, problematic operation can be identified and avoided in the design phase by correctly modeling the units in Xist, but this is contingent on the user’s ability to specify and interpret such cases. Attend this short course to practice modeling and review challenging reboiler designs in Xist through a series of interactive case studies.

Suggested Participants

Xist users who design, troubleshoot or evaluate reboiler performance

Currently Scheduled

Upcoming Instructors

  • Li Anne Choong

  • Regional Sales Manager, Southeast Asia, has experience not only in sales but also in project management, business development, technical support, and training. Prior to joining HTRI, she worked as an Application Engineer, Product Manager, and Regional Support Manager for EDS Asia Sdn Bhd in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, and as an Applications Engineer for Transwater Tenaga Sdn Bhd, Shah Alam, Malaysia. For the last six years, Choong has been marketing HTRI products and services in Southeast Asia; she will continue in this role, as well as provide training and technical support to members in the region. Choong holds a BEng in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom.

  • Kevin Farrell

  • Principal Engineer, Computational Simulation & Validation, graduated from Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania, USA, with his BS, MS, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering. His areas of expertise include fluid dynamics, vibration, and thermal engineering. His responsibilities at HTRI focus on flow- induced vibration, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), visualization studies, and fired heaters. Prior to joining HTRI, he worked for 16 years as a researcher and deputy head of the Fluid Machinery Department of the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at Pennsylvania State University. A member of ASME and ISA, Farrell is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Pennsylvania and Texas.

  • Peter Joosten

  • Senior Consulting Engineer & Regional Sales Manager, Australia/Oceania, works with HTRI’s Engineering Services and Global Sales teams. His principal responsibilities include developing and conducting training programs, providing technical support, and promoting membership in the HTRI consortium. He earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Fontys University of Applied Science, Venlo, The Netherlands. Prior to joining HTRI, Joosten was a Senior Heat Transfer Engineer at W. E. Smith Engineering, Coffs Harbour, Australia. His primary role was the thermal design and analysis of all types of shell-and-tube exchangers, air coolers, economizers, feedwater heaters, and steam surface condensers. He was also responsible for the mechanical design and stress analysis of these units, as well as for analyzing and resolving operational issues. His previous experience with HTRI software gives him a valuable end-user perspective.